Current Activities

Examples of current projects will be posted, with a focus on projects having a public visibility due to, for example, ongoing community dialogues.

Forsviden Södra Vindkraftspark, Gotland
GEOtext has been commissioned to conduct the development of a wind power project located on northern Gotland, Sweden. The project area has a potential for circa 30 multi-megawatt turbines. A permit application for 17 turbines was submitted December 2015. The municipality of Gotland decided in March 2019 to ask the government to decide on the permissibility according to the environmental code Ch 17.

Sydkustens Vind, Skurup and Trelleborg
Through Kustvind AB an offshore project is developed 8–15km off the Swedish south coast in the Baltic Sea. The project area is located in an area of national interest for wind power.

foto som visar det inre av en mätmast